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Why Pet Strapping

PET vs. Steel strap: Economy: PET strap is lightweight than steel strap hence making it more economical and reducing the freight cost. Corrosion Free: Pet strap is rust free and chemically inert. It does not leave any stain on the pack. Safety: Polyester strap does not cut or damage the products as it does not have the sharp edges like steel strap. Polyester strapping does not cause any injuries while Tensioning or Cutting as it has smooth edges. Impact Resistance: PET strap has an impact resistance five times greater than steel strap. It has higher shock Absorbing capacity than steel strap, so it is ideal for compressed rigid loads that require strapping tension through out handling & storage. Elongation Recovery: Polyester strappings are more elastic than steel strappings, which is very important in securing heavy loads over a long period of time. Printing: Printing is possible on PET strap.